At My Friend Maillard my mission is to make homemade meals easier for Fredericksburg area families and solve your dinning problems through a combination of cooking technique and design.

My company is named for the chemical reaction (the Maillard Reaction) responsible for some of the best flavors and smells in food like a perfectly seared steak or freshly baked bread. 


My name is Joanna. I have a bachelors degree from Bennington College where I focused in problem solving through design. By majoring in Architecture and Electronic Music I studied the varied interactions between the senses and our built environment. I have always been interested in the way all of the senses come together to affect the human condition (philosophically) and happiness (practically). I have also always enjoyed the possibilities for creative expression through cooking.


Stir all of that together and bake for a few years of cooking technique research and what you end up with is someone ready and eager to solve your household's dinning conundrums:  Do you have several children with overlapping extracurricular activities? Are there two professional/commuting parents in your household?  Are you looking to expand your family's palate? Do you want to eat healthier but don't have the time or inclination to cook yourself? Do you want to cut fast food restaurants out of your life for health reasons?

I CAN HELP. All of the My Friend Maillard meal plans, which you can find under the services tab, are designed to provide satisfying, homemade meals at any household budget and to be as variable and flexible as the individual clients themselves. Whether you eat dinner together everyday or are  simply focused on making sure everyone has the nutrients they need we can figure out a way to keep your fridge and freezer stocked with things your whole family will be excited to eat. I try to source locally and/or seasonally when possible, but can work within the constraints of any family's budget and preference. 

I work throughout the greater Fredericksburg area providing my dinner services to those in Stafford, Spotsylvania, King George, Orange, Culpepper, Caroline, Fauquire, Warrenton and Manassas. I cater anywhere in Northern and Central Virginia, Washington, DC and the Maryland suburbs . I am a member of the American Personal and Private Chef Association.