The Food Pages October 15th

I had a lot of fun tackling the "pumpkin spice" trend in my most recent food advice post aka my other blog Ask My Friend Maillard. So check it out and roast squash every day, hassle-free! 

Pictured below is my new favorite gourd, the carnival squash. It tastes like a creamy but intense hybrid of butternut and pie pumpkin; so good.






  • Pretty tiles in cute kitchens.


  • This news story is a few years old, but I only recently saw this illustration explaining why the huge heist of maple syrup in Quebec was actually  a big deal not just a funny news item. Beautiful and educational.


  • A giant pumpkin in California. (And they say it’s the almonds drinking up all the water, but at least people are going to eat the nuts.)



  • Cooking eggs, tried and true methods, all 11.


  • Giving new meaning to the term “Finger”  foods.


  • Danny Meyer is putting his prices where his mouth is. After years of lamenting tipping culture he is doing away with tipping at some of his New York restaurants and upping prices so ALL the restaurant workers, not just the servers, can benefit monetarily. 



  • Even if you don’t frequent the trendiest areas of DC, and I don’t, this is a great read about how “It” restaurants can affect an entire neighborhood.




  • And lastly, this segment from All Things Considered last night was great! A brief history of leftovers in American kitchens and culture.