The Food Pages November 19th

This week I've been mixing up some test batches of gluten-free noodles for the business. These were super hard to get off the drying rack, note to self do not leave them overnight next time. I'm in the midst  of bagging them for  my  taste testers at the moment, but for you the reader I have so, so many links:

Test batches of gluten-free noodles.

Test batches of gluten-free noodles.


  • Food Policy Action released their 2015 scorecard of everyone in congress this week. Senators Kaine and Warner both got 80s (I’m assuming they voted the same way on all of the issues reflected in the scorecard). I was shocked to see that Rep. Wittman (VA-1) got the highest score out of all the VA republicans...that was only a 30 compared to a bunch of 20’s, but still.


  • Staying in the realm of food politics for a second: Yesterday I got a robo-call urging me to contact my senators to tell them my position on GMOs. Today the FDA announced the first genetically modified animal, a salmon, approved for consumption in the US (although they are not going to be farmed in the US).





  • Just don’t make the above with illegal tamales or your thanksgiving dinner may get confiscated, but I guess it would be your own fault for inviting customs to your house for dinner.




  • I’m pretty sure men will do ANYTHING to impress on a date, but eating twice as much food as they would otherwise is interesting...I guess?





  • I wish there was more specific explanations of the goings-on at this  Grapefruit festival, like in the picture, are they fishing FOR grapefruit or WITH them, and if the latter, what are they fishing FOR!?


  • And lastly, I leave you with what DeAndre Yedlin eats, because, well, why not. The USMNT breakfast enchillada recipie  that was in NYTimes last summer was  pretty ace, although Yedliny had nothing to do with the creation of that ... and he dislikes the repition of foods when they are in camp...okay, I’ll stop rambling about soccer now.


"Bon Appetit."