The Food Pages December 17th

If you're reading this anywhere as dreary as Fredericksburg this afternoon, hold on one more day. I'm working on an Ask My Friend Maillard post over on FredParent Magazine's website about getting yourself psyched for food and healthy cooking even when "the winter solstice makes you want to crawl into bed and eat mac n' cheese straight from the pot".

Volcanic Sourdough

Volcanic Sourdough


  • A beautiful foodie example of why hatred is counterproductive; last week it brought out love and community when a Mexican grocery store in Pittsburgh was vandalized.







  • Revisiting news from  a few weeks ago, some food-related things got wedged into/removed from the Omnibus Spending deal. Lots of pluses for GMO labeling proponents including the fact that gmo-salmon can’t be sold in the US until a labeling system is worked out.






  • When old wives tales get debuncked, someone always gets angry. But here’s what Food52 found out about trying to prevent browning on cut avocados (spoiler alert! you can't so don't bother).



















  • Massimo Bottura hops on the reduce food waste train and explains the soup kitchen think tank his restaurant did this year for the Milan Expo.