The Food Pages December 3rd

Hope everyone has been enjoying their Thanksgiving leftovers! Besides cooking and compiling these links, I've been working on themes for holiday cookie trays for my food advice blog for Fredericksburg Parent Magazine. But the most important thing this week is that Top Chef is back. YAY! (Also, spoiler alert for Top Chef)

So excited that it's pomegranate season! Seen here adorning a pork chop salad.

So excited that it's pomegranate season! Seen here adorning a pork chop salad.

  • OMG guyyyyyys it’s BAAAAACK. The new season of Top Chef premiered last night AND tonight. Here’s a short convo with Gail Simmons. I was truly amused when the guy who dissed Mike Isabella, and his employee by extension, went home for inconsistent noodles. Excited for the pop-ups tonight.


  • If you can make it to DC this weekend there’s tons of food related things going on including several Repeal Day parties. Even if you can’t make it to the city, you should definitely make yourself a cocktail and celebrate like these fine folks:








  • An influential architect who designed some restaurants (admitedly none I’ve ever been to) died this week at a very young age. The City Paper obit is a touching read.


  • Nothing I can say about this next link is better than the actual opening graph from Eater: “Here's something for red meat-loving one-percenters to ask Santa for this year: the world's most expensive steak, brought to you by a hoity-toity French butcher.”


  • People are weird. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever asked for at a drive through window? Are you on this list? Warning, this page was weird when I was scrolling and I had to really convince the “show me more” button that I did in fact want to see the rest of the weirdness.


  • Should wine lovers or women be more annoyed about the Mancan?