The Food Pages New Year's Eve

Happy New Year everyone! For New Year's Eve/ College Football Playoffs I'm in the middle of making flatbreads, chicken wings and some caramelized shallot/yogurt dip for waffle chips & green beans. Probably also a cocktail with one of these mezcals and the pineapple/pommelo sitting on the counter.  



As promised last week, this week’s compilation starts with LOTS of 2015 recaps:


  • This year we were told not to eat MANY things for reasons ranging from cancer to slavery to the water table in Cali, here’s a recap on those from the SF Chronicle.



  • This is the winner of most hipster of them all: 2015 in Portland, OR food truck news.



  • I like this one focusing on dishes and organized by month, so you know they really are remembering the whole year, so thorough it is in two parts..






A few bits of news actually from this week:



  • Any kind of social network will breed weird kinds of superstars and snapchat is apparently no different. What is interesting is that DJ Khaled, the “first snapchat superstar”, has a private chef and those meals are part of what made him famous. Here’s what Bon Appetit thinks you can learn from him.



And looking forward, here’s lists of what (and why) to eat to ensure yourself good luck for 2016: