3/12/15 Food Pages

The second installment of your weekly link fiesta.

Poblanos I Grilled on Monday for Salsa Verde.

Poblanos I Grilled on Monday for Salsa Verde.


  • March! The month of lions and lambs, the spring equinox, leprechauns, my birthday, the beginning of grilling season and brackets. So. Many. Brackets. A veritable ”Madness” madness... So here’s two more! The annual local food&drink related tournament brackets: beer madness from WaPo and the Culinary Challenge from the VA Dept of Tourism.


  • If you’re a top chef fanatic like me this should amuse you.


  • The Southern Foodways Alliance (who put up a new episode of their amazing podcast Gravy today) has yearly themes and this year that theme is Southern Food and Pop Culture, linked is an introductory article from the first 2015 issue.


  • A touching story about the magical healing of food prepared/sent with love. I was also always of the opinion that actual Chicken Soup was still better for the soul than those “Chicken Soup for the X Soul” books that thankfully have gone out of vogue.