Food Pages March 26th

I am waging a war with all internet connections today....but (finally) here is some Thursday linkage for you. 


P.S. The thumbnail photo is a spoiler from my first blog post on Fredericksburg Parent Magazine's website (which is the reason I've only posted food pages here the past few weeks...more original content soon. I promise)


  • And then let me admit that I almost bought one of these meat based energy bars in line at the grocery store the other day… bison bacon and cranberry sounds fascinating, but I couldn’t get over the springy texture.


  • I’m already hearing great things about Jose Andre’s fast-casual veg-centric restaurant with the ballin' name of Beefsteak. The interior is so cool!


  • Most people in the DMV area probably saw this piece on the new Julia Child Award. It was the front page of WaPo’s food section yesterday but on tuesday it was already all over their social media. My favorite but is that the prize money is required to go to charity!


  • These breakfast casseroles from Southern Living are a great way to remove some of the labor of things like french toast and waffles for a yummy, yet relaxing weekend brunch!


  • There’s a Kickstarter for this very specific bread oven… I’m not sure what I think about this from a food perspective,  it's fun i guess, but the design perspective is great.


  • Sexism is weird and hard to talk about, especially if all you WANT to talk about is food...but this article describes the exact kind of social media argument I find ridiculous and shows why both sides of the argument are wrong. Whether you agree or not this is a surprisingly insightful piece from Eater, who usually hang out in the safer “food-porn” and “try-this-now” realms of the internet.