The Food Pages

Every Thursday I'll be recapping particularly interesting stories from the Wednesday food sections from newspapers around the country as well as podcats from the last week.

Here are some things I found this snowy first week of March:


  • On The Splendid Table there was a touching story about the first Pinot Noir vineyard in the US. The "heartbreak" grape was planted in Oregon during a honeymoon in 1966.


  • This one is actually a week or two old but the science and story of this rice is fascinating. Bonus, it apparently makes the best risotto ever.


  • When I originally heard about Hampton Creek and Just Mayo, I just assumed that vegan products were the goal, but their large scale sustainability mission is actually pretty fascinating . I'm in no hurry to replace a poached egg from the chickens at my brother's school with vegetable protein, but a cheaper option for baking etc. is pretty cool. Bonus, the way they decide to combine vegetable proteins designed by a guy from Google Maps. 



Feel free to comment with anything you found interesting this week!