The Food Pages April 2nd

Here, have this Easter basket full of links, I made them just for you (the links). Either this week had a lot of food related news or I’m getting better at remembering to bookmark all the nuggets.

P.S. If you’re in the Fredericksburg area there an edible art contest at LibertyTown tomorrow for First Fridays, check it out!


  • An interview with Emeril Lagasse as his restaurant empire turns 25. The interview process for Commander's Palace fascinates me, plus some other cool insights.


  • As with most things inside the beltway there's a lot of drama surrounding the new dietary guidelines. Most of it around the idea of lean meat and how consumers can address sustainability with their diet. 


  • And then there were two. I am more surprised that there are ANY Howard Johnsons still around. But here’s a quick blurb about the one of the only remaining locations of the first great chain restaurant closing. 


  • The secret trick to making your homemade (or enhanced store bought) stocks have great color is a great natural dye for decorating Easter eggs too! (Pssst. The secret is onion skins.)


  • The director of Jiro Dreams of Sushi returns with six hour-long episodes for Netflix on other intimate restaurants and their chefs.. 


  • In which everyone realizes the “Kid’s eat right” label on american cheese slices is ridiculous and Kraft merges with Heinz through some giant Brazilian company. I wish that the “changing consumer tastes” (read: processed food? no thanks.)  led them to change their products instead of running in the opposite direction towards more conglomeration.


  • Eric Ripert teaches Seth Meyers to make Tuna Carpaccio and they are adorable


  • The history of the microplane is pretty cool, and surprisingly recent, which we learn through one chef who can’t live without it. 


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