The Food Pages April 23rd

Hope everyone had a lovely Earth day week! There's surprisingly little to share this week, given that our food supply and the environment are so intrinsically linked. I'll be posting a longer post on that tomorrow, but for now enjoy the links!



Okay, I lied, the first thing I wanted to share was that I finally made a recipe I've been fascinated by. James Beard's Braised Onion Pasta. The magic of cooking is on full display when one and a half pounds of sliced onions and a stick of butter go from the picture on the left to the picture on the right over an hour of slow cooking! 

  • Exciting news for a local seafood company as well as East Coast Whole Foods shoppers. Their product, crab pie, is pure genius.
  • I originally thought this was going to be a word nerd article, alas it is just an overview/classification of chilies (peppers). But it's a good one, and I do now desperately wish “pepper safes” would get a fashion reboot, good job Yahoo.
  • And some news on fast food chains with tripartite names:
  1. A Fredericksburg man apparently invented the eponymous Chick-Fil-A  sauce.
  2. Pret A Manger gives away free food and hot beverages instead of having a formal customer rewards program/points/punch card. Tell all of your friends who are paranoid about big data.


  • Are you looking to start celebrating for an amazing holiday with integral food stuff and its own emoji ? Look no further.