The Food Pages 4/30/15

I don't have much to say about this week's links except don't mess with an Italian's love of pizza and good on you Operation Help or Hush

Oh, and apparently I can't not take a picture when I make bread.


The links:

  • A beautiful and concise write up of sharing food in troubled times -specifically OHOH, the nonprofit bringing food to activists, elderly, and children in Baltimore mentioned above- from the Southern Foodways Alliance.


  • A great interview on the spread of gluten-free diets (spoiler, he’s pro gluten for everyone without celiac disease). 


  • And in the (apparently) weekly fast food/ food conglomerate news corner:
  1. A good summary of all the promises food conglomerates have promised consumers worried about health in the past couple weeks. 
  2. The best response to a lame commercial ever: Italian pizzeria owners mocking McDonalds with better food at half the price. 
  3. A whole box of burnt Cheese-Its! Yes! If only they were going to be distributed before Mother’s Day…