The Food Pages May 21st

Apologies for the lateness of these links. It wouldn't post yesterday afternoon for some reason and then I got distracted by making Tortellini and Consomme with fresh fava beans for dinner.


If I had been commissioned to design a pavilion for Milano2015, it would definitely be inspired by the way foods look when they are laying on top of each other like this cilantro and pickled radish. Just imagine how pretty your country's food would look in the Italian sun this supper under a curvaceous semi-translucent canopy surrounded by greenery. Plus World's Fair, woot!


And for those of you  who are not Architecture nerds- here's a video about what makes bacon smell like bacon, still nerdy, but there's only so much I can do to suppress that.


  • A map showing the unique tastes of each state. Not just "foods associated with" but the one thing that is more in demand there than anywhere else. I love a good map and after seeing that Missouri is Toasted Ravioli and DC is Ethiopian food, I wholeheartedly trust the data used and would gladly plan a road trip based on their restaurant suggestions on where to get each state’s ‘taste’. Lemon Rice Soup is intriguing, but then you have to go to Indiana...



  • I want a municipal orchard! Maybe this will be the new wave of getting historic grounds or academic campuses certified as arboretums. "You can't redevelop this land it provides a fruitful service to the community."



  • Some acronyms that you wouldn't think have anything to do with the food you’re eating. 


  • And lastly, a funny table of proper nouns, half of which are Bars in Brooklyn and the other Half are political constituencies in the UK.