The Food Pages May 28th

It's nearly June and while my skin tells me this weather is gross the tomato and basil plants are in heaven. 

All the basil plants are loving this weather. 

All the basil plants are loving this weather. 

  • Self-promotion first this week: here's part 1 of my two part blog post for Fredericksburg Parent Magazine on ideas to make spaghetti dinner more healthful. This week: tips and tricks for store-bought sauces. Next week: recipes. Ask me your own food questions anytime via Twitter, Email or Facebook.




  • This one is less of an interview and more like story-time with an awesome person. That person, NYTimes food critic Mimi Sheraton. I doubt I will read 1000 foods to eat before you die, the book she is promoting, but I would be among the first in line to listen to her tell me food stories every week as a podcast. 



  • How did I not know that Uruguay has a ban on salt shakers at tables in restaurants and schools!? One more reason Montevideo is at the top of my ‘Must-Visit’ list. 


  • Two pieces on Expo Milano: Feeding the Planet, Energy For Life. The first is a general overview; I LOVE the Swiss pavilion, seems like they are the only ones who understood Expo’s tagline as a design brief.   And then there’s a piece on what is representing the USA at the fair. 




  • Mother sauces. First some great advice on the French mother sauces, and then if you keep scrolling down you come to a description of Thai mother sauces. 


  • The buckets of Lego gummies would be the coolest little kid party favors. Or really any age party favors. I want to build a gummy city!

  • And to end this week: EMOJI. Food & Wine have made their own emoji set for foodies. I don’t mind so long as they don’t start writing the magazine or recipes with them.