The Food Pages June 11th

The list of links is short and sweet this week due to the Women's World  Cup occupying my usual reading time. GO USA. But also definitely watch the "straws hack" video through to the end.




  • Making things in house. I understand wanting an authenticity of cuisine and I’ve eaten mozzarella di bufola in Rome. It IS magical. But I’m also a fan of america’s hands (in general, not just the rarefied San Fran hands) learning how to grow and make things again. I think that’s the step one which will get us on the road to fixing the food system.


  • 170 possible places eat in a single company’s office, Google obviously. When you have to anticipate people assuming you’ve accidentally added a zero, there’s obviously too many options. I would need to snack in a micro kitchen just to refuel for making a decision about where to eat their lunch that day. But then I’d get distracted by building a lego tower. Also, how big is the Chelsea office!?


  • Soda tax pays for gardening programs! I'm excited about this but given that the tax has raised $150k in the first month I wish more than a quarter million were being allocated to the gardens.