The Food Pages June 4th

When I was trying to decide what to make for dinner at the store this afternoon I was torn between the bright, fresh flavors I associate with June and comfort food because after three days it feels like weeks since I've seen the sun. So I split the difference. Seared scallops and risotto with a cilantro-cucumber-ginger salsa. Now I just need to figure out a way to turn on enough lights to make it seem sunny.

Whether you are eating summery foods or comfort foods or haven't given dinner a single thought yet at all, I think you will find this week's links satisfying. 

A bright picture for a grey day. 

A bright picture for a grey day. 



  • Related to locally grown, a non-fear mongering take on the effect of California’s drought on our food supply. Read: avocados and almonds are not the enemy, agriculture subsidies, the lack of local produce, and the paltry % of their income Americans spend on food is.


  • Food-centric websites are being bought up by a new media giant. No idea if this is a good thing or not regarding if the quality of the content will change but at least people are being rewarded for informative food content that is unique as opposed to sponsors loving a crazy number of re-pins for some uninspired cake or chili recipe. 


  • The MLB is marketing team branded wine; they could at least have the varietals match the teams in  some way. 




  • And in case you're looking for more food talk, here's Bon Appetit’s recommendations for food listening (podcasts) and reading.