The Food Pages July 16th

All of the beautifully colored produce is coming in season now and it is wonderful. It helps heal the sting that so many of the link this time around feature places I badly want to travel to.

I've been doing a lot of writing this week. Just finished this blog post about helping a fellow FredParent blogger figure out how to plan and shop for her family now that they have moved to a vegan and gluten-free diet. AND I'm super excited about the second installment of my "beat the heat" series tackling cooking oven-free during these dog days of summer. Spoiler: it was inspired, oddly, by some consumer reports type research I was doing last night.


I call this tableau "July" - let the pickling and canning commence!

I call this tableau "July" - let the pickling and canning commence!

  • This funny or die video is the single greatest thing recently produced about fixing school lunch, when that sinks in you'll get sad, but then just watch the video again and it will all  be okay.



  • This breed is considered by many (for instance, the jamon curers in Spain, also the Austro-Hungarian empire) the BEST pigs if you like the fatty parts. So excited Mangalistas have made their way from Hungary to VA. The farm story is cute, but nothing can beat the story of how these pigs helped revive the economy of some parts of Hungary after the fall of communism, despite the fact that the population had dwindled into the hundreds.




  • Some images promoting Quaker Oats from the World’s Fair in Chicago (1893). Amazing that they are still such a proud and quintessentially “Chicago” company.


  • Learning about and loving Filipino food; chefs are making it (and plating it) for non-Filipino eaters.


  • Well this is a cool use of technology trying to get rid of preservatives in packaged food. Perhaps this will be the next step (or more likely the one after that) in giant corporations coming to terms with more health conscious consumers.