The Food Pages July 23rd

The links are a little late this week; I was driving most of yesterday. But there's lots of great stuff in here. 

In the summer I love making vibrant sauces to go with simply prepared meat/grains, pureed greens/herbs or the drained juice of produce (dice large tomatoes from the market and let them strain over a bowl for an hour or two) make for a fresh, beautiful sauce:

Watercress veloute ready to top steak, fennel and wheatberries. 

Watercress veloute ready to top steak, fennel and wheatberries. 


  • If you enjoy the internet this video from John Oliver on food waste is old news by now, but if you like these link compilations because the internet is scary then do yourself a favor and click now.


  • The NYtimes has some tips regarding aubergines (I'm not trying to be pretentious I just find saying 'eggplant plant' so silly that I've gotten in the habit of using the other name) if you’re headed to the farmer’s market this morning, or perhaps like me you also got three different varieties in a CSA bag in the past week.


  • YEEEES. I agree so much.  Food is just food. Current immigrant’s food shouldn’t  be classed as different from the food of previous waves. No one calls corned beef and cabbage or bagels ethnic, plus injera is so much more fun to say. Thinking back to recent seasons of Top Chef the number of people who make it past restaurant wars and describe their own cooking as “fusion” or “modern” has dropped precipitously. Now they just cook the food that interests them and the plates tell the audience/judges why they should be interested too. Hopefully this mainstream exposure of this mindset will permeate into the general culture of how we, as Americans, talk about food.

Anyway, a it’s a great read.   


  • Relatedly, I love this cookbook author’s description of deciding on an audience to write for, her current book is “for people who are comfortable with a preserved lemon; they know where to find one in the grocery store”. She also tells great stories about co-writing with celebrity chefs. Food52’s new podcast ‘Burnt Toast’ just keeps getting better.


  • A great description of how geography can create hyper-local foodways! Just imagine the foodways that would have sprung up in the shadow of the volcanoes in the new Pixar short "Lava" (it preceded  "Inside Out").




  • And for a finale. Think of grocery shopping as a game the next time you feel you are in a food rut (or just to flex you’re creative brain muscles).