The Food Pages August 20th

It was the week of tomatoes. The annual Washington Post reader recipe contest winners were published and there some good things. My family is currently of the opinion that if you're not making tomato water vinaigrette then you're  eating August wrong! Lots of  links this week, both fun and informative:

Tomatoes and cantaloupe with a pureed feta-herb dressing.

Tomatoes and cantaloupe with a pureed feta-herb dressing.




  • It's that time of year again: "top tomato" time. WaPo's annual tomato issue of the food section was yesterday. Find their reader recipe winners here.


  • Because you’re going to wash your hands why get all those measuring tools dirty.



  • A great new feature from the Southern Foodways Alliance. AND one of the chefs profiled cooks Liberian Soul Food in Richmond, yes please.




  • I’m a fan of constraints and concepts and of (some) weird situational/performance art, but even I can’t say I’d go to this "pop-up" even if I had the money. But I probably would buy the art book documenting the whole thing, or perhaps just a print of the “procession of fluorescent jellies”.


  • Sell your soul to Google for some food. Or, you know, pay with the “currency” of a photo at their food truck.



  • Chinese crepes. One more example of why traditional street foods make the best breakfasts (/late night snacks)!