The Food Pages August 27th

One of my favorite things this week was essentially an art piece encouraging playing with your food. Incidentally, my mom told me this week I should start a new blog feature called "Playing With My Food" focusing on food photography.

And now the links...

More and More Tomatoes.

More and More Tomatoes.


  • Fifty years of [Brussels] Waffles in the US!



  • An interesting opinion piece on salad and the future of feeding the world actual nutrients (p.s. it is anti-”salad” so be prepared).



  • A great NPR piece about a town in Spain and their solution to feeding the needy with restaurants’ excess food. It has a great name: The Solidarity Fridge. 


  • New words in the OED!



  • Two congressmen have opinions on food regulations, and they actually try to do things about them.



  • It’s fall and schools are starting everywhere. The Southern Foodways Alliance has a syllabus if you’re looking for some good reading, no papers required.