The Food Pages September 17th

Between the perfect weather and my allergies I haven't done many cooking experiments in the past week, but there is a fun shredded-meat-pie-as-lasagna thing that I will be adding to the menu soon.

What I DID do was get a new phone, so I spent this past weekend playing with the camera options -see cartoonized black eye peas below- and finally joined Instagram, you can follow me here

The links:

  • Rene Redzepi says he’s closing Noma (and why, and what he wants to do next). But more than that this essay is a brief dive into the mind of someone obviously brilliant but just as lost as the rest of us. A must read for anyone who’s ever considered the definition/limits of the words “local” or “seasonal” as relates to food.





  • School lunch and social equity (Warning: the video autoplays). As a graduate of the 20-minute lunch periods at James Monroe pre-block-scheduling; I think the mobile carts are particularly cool.


  • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, ILOVERMONT (I Love Vermont).  This time they are ahead of the curve in the local food movement.


  • Some advice for the food product entrepreneur.  




  • Coverage of the federal government this week announcing goals to reduce food waste from UCFoodObserver; it's an interesting historical take on the matter.