The Food Pages October 1st

I'm writing this a day early because I have a client cookday Thursday, so apologies if anything truly exciting happened in food news today and it's not in the links. Beyond perfecting the crispy cheese crust pictured below, this week I've been writing about using food scraps in the kitchen and, at the other end of the food spectrum, pumpkin spice.

To the links!



  • This amazing piece from Zester is all about a Chinese winery, I’d love to see what the change in geography and culture does for one of my favorite red varieties (Aglianico, mostly grown only in one area of Italy). Also, note to self, check Zester more often.



  • Can’t forget about beer! Made from chickpeas? This is what a gluten-free world tastes like. I’d rather drink something local made with barley/wheat and use the chickpeas to make falafel, but to each their own.


  • I can’t wait to read this cookbook. And the interview’s pretty great too.


  • From WaPo, a conversation about planning and cooking state dinners.



  • This is a little old, though republished this week, but I don’t think much has changed for female chefs in the past two years, even if both the Top Chef winners since then are women.


  • YEAAAAAAS! Banging the “let’s try to limit food waste” drum at the UN. Hard.


  • This new urban farm in DC sounds amazing, so glad there were lots of volunteers to support it.



  • It’s  not all doom and gloom for California agriculture.


  • This is a little eating school lunch are more likely to eat their vegetables if the main course is boring (aka not pizza).