The Food Pages January 21st

My favorite way to humidify the house is making stock. Pictured is a beef stock made with lots of toasted garlic a la Bon Appetit. 

But judging by the full parking lot at Wegmans yesterday and the numerous pictures of empty shelves at stores that are floating around social media, if you live in the Fredericksburg area you are currently barricaded onto your bed or couch by bottled water, bread and paper products. You would have to do some maneuvering to get to the stove, so maybe you should just read these food stories instead.


Was canned pasta part of your blizzard prep shopping?The team at Lucky Peach taste tested a bunch so you don’t have to. (Spoiler: they’re all terrible….but there are two non-canned shelf stable pasta’s they recommend.)


Very sad news: there was a fire at Edwards Virginia Ham. A mourning event for lovers of excellently smoked pig product everywhere


I’m not sure which number is more impressive in this fruit smuggling story, that it was $1 million worth of product or that 28 people were arrested.


Life drawings like you won’t believe.


Chefs of fancy restaurants are doing two things I totally approve of, one to achieve the other: limiting choice to reduce food waste.


A new sponsorship policy for an organization who gives recommendations about diet… later is better than never I guess.


An ode to crunchy food in yesterday’s WaPo food section.


Also from the WaPo food section, an essay on the lexicon of food and groceries. OR that’s how it advertised itself on the front page of the section. Mostly it’s pointing out a couple words we apply to food that mean nothing at all. And other words, like enriched and fortified, that were clearly made up by food companies. Anyway, everyone’s reading it so you should too!


I love Gail Simmons, but I will never get tired of eating burrata. Despite that disagreement this interview is fun.


There was  a great discussion with people trying to limit food waste AND hunger in the first hour of the Kojo Nnamdi show Tuesday.


I’m totally going here the next time I’m in Queens. And I have family there so I do actually go.


I had never thought about what sentencing might be for breaking food and food-safety laws, much less different aspects of guilty parties that are taken into account, in this case age.


In Northern Virginia, a food business incubator.


A brief list of food related festivals and events to put on your calendar, or just daydream about going to. Even with oil prices down, going to New Zealand for a sea scallop festival is a bit extravagant.


Virginia is leading the way in the next big beer trend: farm-breweries! (And, honestly, all other beer & wine trends. see next two items)


[Social media trends] Among the many edited snowfall maps floating around the internet, Old Ox Brewery has a map of the projected growlers you will need to get through winter storm Jonas.


[Local incentives trends] Pro winery initiatives in Fairfax, just one more example of VA trying to take over the wine/beer/cider world...maybe that's why our ABC is so annoying and limitedly-stocked, to encourage more Virginians to make wine and beer.


Pretty pictures of food molds.


And lastly yesterday was National Cheese Lover’s Day, yes seriously, and wouldn’t you know here’s a list of cheese-y things you can buy to  celebrate your love.