The Food Pages January 28th

A really good list of links this week. Everyone (or the subset of everyone that is food reporters) was apparently on their a-game for those of us waiting for snow plows this week.

Lamb-Eggplant-Olive Ragu with Gemeli. On top: microgreens and a meyer lemon sauce.

Lamb-Eggplant-Olive Ragu with Gemeli. On top: microgreens and a meyer lemon sauce.

CNC Pancakes: the ultimate nerd’s breakfast for dinner dream.



A cheesy theft. But wait, no, it couldn’t be, TWO cheesy thefts in the same state in the same week. VT and upstate new york need to be on high alert for copycats, especially since they’re so close to Quebec where all that maple syrup was stolen.


Talking about how your local food gets from the ground to that hip restaurant’s plate. This is upstate New York centric  because its from a WNYC show.


The story of this roast is fascinating. And a reminder of the double edged sword of the internet: almost unthinkable reach to disseminate information, but only to those that are looking.


This photographer obviously has a different starting point on food than I do, but his piece about preferring fast-casual to the nation's best food in the best food cities is absolutely the best piece of journalism to come out of that series. The best food is the one that nourishes your body and mind.


And now to swing back in the opposite direction...Washingtonian’s annual 100 best restaurants in DC/area is out. It features a new number 1 and several high profile restaurants have been dropped from the top 10! This issue is always worth the newsstand price.


Are you looking for more lists? Here’s 50 powerful people in food to keep an eye on this year.


I didn’t think I’d be writing about drones until they started doing the actual cooking/food assembly during their flights (because that would be seriously cool to see), but they are actually helping the food world at the moment. Yay technology (so long as the drones don’t become self aware or somehow drink all the wine themselves)! On the flip side I hope this use of technology doesn’t make way for super conglomerate vineyards….


So I’ll admit to being totally enamored of new and interesting “super” flours. I just love baking bread and making it healthy and easy to digest so I can eat the whole batch in one sitting. This coffee flour is officially on my wish list, you know when someone actually starts mass producing it.


The New York Public Library has all the good stuff. Collections like these historical menus almost make me want to go to grad school for history. (Well, not really, but it would be a good justification for traveling to NYC and read them all.) Also, I get the feeling that the writer feels celery and other raw veggies are beneath her.


This week WaPo’s Food section asked a big question: Do people actually care about political food issues?


I’ve never seen (or heard) of the movie Big Night before, but after reading this Q&A (it’s the 20th anniversary of it’s premiere at Sundance) it is at the top of my must watch list. Plus if it’s just a bunch of Stanley Tucci cooking what’s not to love.


Food52 also has movies on the brain. Here are their favorite kitchen sets.


A how-to on controlling your portion sizes from some great food-waste activists (they’re anti, of course).


And then just for fun, what 100 calories of different foods look like. I’d love to see 22 cloves of garlic packaged like those 100cal cookie and chip packages. Silly people.