The Food Pages February 25th

Well this has been a pretty weird week, weather wise. It was practically grilling weather and then two days of rain capped off with tornadoes. Hope everyone has been enjoying some nice homey food! I learned how to make tamales (much easier than I assumed). 

On to the links:

- It’s BURNT! (Yay!?)

- Easy, fast and simple foods are fine. The best even, when you make them yourself, so don’t feel guilty. And if you DO feel guilty read this and feel better. Also, I still refuse to read anything Gwyneth writes about cooking on principal.

- A recap of how Chefs in NYC feel about “restaurant weeks”.

- One of the perks of the short and money-limited elections in England is that they have time to vote on their prefered croissant shape and demand changes from their giant chain grocery stores.

- A look at why changing the food system in this country is nearly impossible without getting institutional food providers (i.e. Sodexo) on board.

- Soooooo, GMO labeling is super easy in other countries. And frankly, in a world where the packaging on my Masa and popcorn tell me in giant type that they are gluten free, those who want to avoid genetic modification should be able to (even though I think it’s ridiculous at this point in time).

- Not specifically food related since no meat can be obtained from a robot deer, but this is a interesting way to stop illegal hunting.

- While the nominations for JBA’s may have just been released, this week they gave recognition awards to some family favorite regional restaurants.

- OMG you guys, Pollan is EVERYWHERE. Two places of note this week are Netflix and a pretty legit promotional appearance on this week’s Sporkful podcast.

- Some company profiles from the Good Food Business Accelerator.

- Storytelling, traditional/local foods, nutrient dense diets, food sovereignty: basically one great Q&A.

- And finally, the cookbooks you may be wanting in the next few months. And apparently Chrissy Teigen (her book is called Craveable or something like that) accidentally published her phone number, which is amusing. They must have forgone editing for extra marketing $$$ because I've seen stuff about her book everywhere. 

- Speaking of which, by the time this post is publised Food52 will have released the first bracket of best cookbooks from the past year in their annual tournament style fight to the best.

- And finally, gawk at these ridiculous sales numbers from a restaurant in Alexandria celebrating their one year anniversary.