The Food Pages February 4th

In the next stage of not hating dessert, I've been going crazy about King Cake lately. I had so much fun making one last week I'm doing it again right now! I've also begun putting recipes up on the website, and YES King Cake was the second. Vegan Chili was the first. And they're both for a catering job for tomorrow. 

King Cake crazy. 

King Cake crazy. 


Smith alumna love their association with Julia Child so much that one of them bought the house she lived in during her time in France.


P.S. Food Studies matter.


Some studies related to food advertising and eating habits.


In honor of the Lunar New Year, an exploration of the MANY ancient Chinese seasons.


More licorice flavored liquor in the world is always a good thing. And the story of this one is particularly interesting.


The title for this piece really says it all: “How to throw a Super Bowl Party for 5000 people


Farm subsidies are harder to kill off than unwanted rhubarb (which is very difficult).


People are all alike, we all spread the same condiments on our fast food.


Geothermal greenhouses. Go big Red!


House prices and luxury grocery stores.

And something from the Free Lance Star on the Fredericksburg area trying to sell itself to such businesses..


And lastly, chefs talking about tape.