The Food Pages 3/10/16

I don't know if it's because I've been busy or this is just the way it goes sometimes, but most of the stories this week are short and sweet. Enjoy!

- Just in time for spring cleaning...testing all the ways to clean a skillet with burnt on gunk and goo.

- And for Women’s History Month: Kentucky’s first female master distiller (since prohibition). She’s only a year older than me and vegan. I enjoy these facts.

- URBAN FARM PRESCHOOL! Bonus cool points: the site plan looks like something I designed once in my Architecture course Simultaneous Occupancies.

- Pssst. Bay Leaves are not some secret or meaningless ritual. That said, if an individual leaf is really old, it truly is doing nothing.

- Non-performance-enhancing-substances-scandal from the Tour de France.

- A recap on how most genetic modifications of plants are helpful, from a dietition.

- A meatless trade group has formed to lobby for vegetarian and vegan foodstuffs. Cool!

- And speaking of meatless, here’s a great breakdown of how menu pricing works,  specifically why veggie dishes cost just as much as meaty dishes.

- Kosher Marijuana…this really just makes me wonder what the point of kosher certification even is anymore.

- Have you eaten some “blue box” mac n cheese in the past 3 months? You may have been eating the new preservative-and-artificial-color-free recipe and didn’t realize (unless you read the ingredient label while waiting for the pasta to cook).

- Great pasta can come dried too. One of the people in this story actually used the word terrior talking about dried pasta. A must read. And if you like that, pretty much everything in this week’s WaPo food section was pasta related.

- Chefs in London appear to be able to get social-minded things done much easier than anywhere here in the US. Very inspiring.

- From the front-lines of the yelp wars.

- Local news now! Several regional entities and farms team up to address the effects of climate change on our local farmers and regional produce.

- There are some serious superlatives in this story taking you into the world’s largest wholesale market. “(It’s larger than Monaco.)”

- A legislative attempt to clean up the excess chicken manure in Maryland that is currently going straight into the Chesapeake.

-Two stories about Canada’s new Prime Minister’s state visit this week. 1) He insists upon some Montreal style smoked meat (It was from NYC though. Also wish I could have been at the gala in the Renwick Gallery. So good.). 2) Don’t worry, tonight there will be poutine.

- Lastly, I need me some of these shades made from used whiskey barrels!