The Food Pages St. Patrick's Day

Wait, no, no pinching. Look- my noodles are totally wearing green today!!!


  • This is a great read on authenticity, history, Southern Food and, of course, barbeque.


  • What to eat to be one step closer to genius.







  • For whatever reason the people over at Epicurious decided they needed to rank herbs from worst to best (in general, not for any specific thing). It really must be a struggle coming up with enough content everyday. In fairness, it is pretty amusing.



  • So this is a 2015 recap, but I promise I’m not the one who was behind the ball, this is totally a post from this week. It’s a list of the worst offenders of quasi-science in the food world last year.



  • Any news about Jammie Dodgers is news worth reading (unless you’re a vegan, I guess) but even if you ARE a vegan you can still have fun saying “jammie dodger” aloud over and over again.