The Food Pages 3/24/16

Used my birthday present last night, the grill pizza stone pictured. The bubbly cheese is an unaged pecorino that was amazing, melty sheep's milk cheese yay! Also if you're near NOVA check out Cheesetique which is where I got it. And now, LINKS!


  • Voting ends at 5p.m. the day this is posted, but if you are reading before that time, GO VOTE FOR KYBECCA.



  • What I’m about to type should in no way imply that I have anything but enormous respect for David Chang (and I totally WANT/NEED a Fuku sandwich) but a restaurant-as-app is disappointing even if the food comes packaged all cute. Especially since Momofuku restaurants are known so much for having clear and concise identities from the wine list to the food to the local, that completely falls apart if people are just eating their food wherever/everywhere...


  • Having said all that UberEATS is now operating in DC.






  • So I knew about the Japanese obsession with KitKats and the many many many flavors available there (whereas they didn’t even keep the dark chocolate available in the US for a full year, lame). But I had never heard of the bake-them-in-your home-toaster-oven varieties. AMAZING.


  • Two good stories on how Vermont is currently winning the political food wars. Personally, I view labeling that a packaged food contains GMOs as next to meaningless since it doesn’t have to say what was genetically modified or at what point in the process of creating said packaged food it might have been involved. But whatever, ILoVermont! The first article is on the history behind the current arguments and why Vermont’s law affects all other states. The second describes the conflict from  the “big food” side complete with companies who have announced this week that they will be “voluntarily” labeling everything they make for US sales (which should be easy since most of them also make food for sale in the EU/Britain where labeling has been required for years).


  • Sam Sifton dives deep into sourdough starter.



  • From the guardian, a reflection of how Cuba may be better off for the sanctions (in one very tiny insignificant way, which frankly I think some Cubans would disagree with but you know).



  • So, I don’t need a hair pick as a guide for slicing/dicing “fruit & veg”, but I’m SO in love with this video it’s silly.


  • Finally, bookmark this link to read sarcastic reviews of a banana slicer when you are having a difficult time dealing with idiots.