The Food Pages March 4th

It's MARCH. That means my birthday is near but more importantly that days that are mild and long enough for grilling are also near!  Have some links and falafel while you wait:

Falafel and Pita making

Falafel and Pita making

-Ohio State students try to protest their university president to make a specific commitment to put SOME local foods in their food service but he apparently flew overseas. Was it just to avoid them? We’ll never know.

-Dan Barber on practical sustainability.

-There’s a cool new fellowship for issues-focused food writers.

-When Top Chef stardom goes too far...Kwame’s cute, sure but I want to see FOOD on the cover of my food section. Kthanks WaPo.

-One of the many parts of the lead tragedy in Flint that those of us who are unaffected should be grateful we don’t have to worry about. Planning your meals to avoid tap water AND retard your body’s absorption of lead.

-If you’re in the market for new cutting boards, the BBC has reviewed a few.

-Two silly beer stories: Coors gets sued for false advertising and beer with the same protein as 3 eggs…

-I’m not one to ever wish I was in L.A., but this lecture series looks super cool.

-A British soap opera tries to subliminally suggest healthy eating is good, but that’s just a sneak attack from the network to avoid a massive loss in junk food advertising $$$. 

-I love anyone advocating common sense moderation when it comes to foods others demonize. A dietitian explains why you dont (and your kids definitely dont) need to eliminate all sugar from your diet.

-When farms are on public land the GMO debate gets intense (if it were me lobbying the commission I’d ask to move away from monocultures instead of GMOs but that’s somehow less catchy).

-Champagne for breakfast!

-This story from Italy is hilarious at first and then depressingly xenophobic by the time you get to the last sentence.

-And then some very different depressing news from  Italy: Poor harvests likely lead to huge jump in olive oil prices :( maybe even 20%

-Many american kids my age remember monthly personal pan pizzas from Pizza Hut courtesy of the BookIt! program in elementary school...I think this honor roll reward shows how very much more China cares about excellence in education.

-And if you live here in Fredericksburg and reward your kids with donuts, you’ll soon be getting one more choice as the outer bank’s MTO chain Duck Donuts is set to open in Eagle Village this summer.

-And finally...this instagram is amazing.