The Food Pages March 31st

I rolled up some porchetta for Easter, hope everyone had pleasant pork/lamb/whatever meals wherever you were.

Breakfast = leftovers + eggs

Breakfast = leftovers + eggs


- I think I need a sourdough doctor, but hotel is funny too.

- Marcel (from Top Chef season 2) talks about technique, health and flavor.

- Ramen burgers for everyone!

- The WaPo food section had several interesting read this week. A scanning technology that may in future help make rediculous food-related regulations and red tape unnecessary. Also a loooong read on regional Appalachian cuisine.

- Another loooong read on maple syrup tasting in VT.

- Tomato breeding from LuckyPeach!

- I’d never heard of Natto before reading this. Fascinating.

- A wide ranging Q&A with Giada.

Yelping as social did we get here?

- Read about these cool, do-gooder food startups and look out for them in future.

- PepsiCo announces their timeline to switch to cage-free eggs. The most interesting thing in the article is the list of companies and food chains who the Humane League has gotten to agree to cage-free.

- A discussion of patio seating in DC.

- And finally some inventive design reuse: