The Food Pages April 14th

I sous-vide this steak and then re-vacuum sealed it. Super-meta because apparently once an art student always an art student.


Powerful people, weird food.


I got a pizza stone for the grill for my birthday, maybe someday I’ll own a pizza printer too (but I hope not).


Two articles on pollinators: getting involved in state politics (go Maryland!) and Whole Foods shows what the bakery section would look like without all the things bees pollinate (spoiler, it's very sparse).


This is the kind of data collection that excites me. Fingers crossed the program keeps finding more things that they can use to fuel ideas to get nutritious foods to those who need them.


The article’s headline says it all (plus it’s from my favorite sports blog platform): “The complete oral future of outlandish ballpark foods


I can’t get over the idea that “women are too niche a market” to market to...I mean SRSLY!? Not only do we make less for the same work, but not those dollars aren’t worth trying to get us to spend on your product. (This article is actually about food startups, -ish, I promise.)


Okay, this Guardian article really is all about food startups changing the world.


A survey about food policy issues, sustainability specifically, and voting.


...And people are actually voting for this man (Ted Cruz), a lot of people...can the general election just be between Hillary and Bernie plz!? ...100 cans of soup...I can’t...and what’s with Heidi’s mom...I give up.


To distract you from those thoughts, look at this beautiful stack of crepes posted by Olafur Eliasson’s studio. They could make them pretty colors or into fun complex geometries, that would be lovely. Or perhaps you would prefer some instagrammed meat art.


Fun stories about the origins of some food names. I especially like the one about Melba Toast.


This just in….ripening limes turn yellow, leave the green ones for the uninformed and make better margaritas than all your friends!


Feeding refugees in Greece.


This week’s adult beverage news is all strange beer and gifs: concentrated beer drops, what’s in and what’s out in the DC bar scene (if people are voluntarily doing shots of Malort while NOT in Chicago something is wrong with the world), and some beer flavors that aren’t really flavors but got bottled somehow anyway.


And to wipe all that weirdness from your brain, read this Interview with Tom Colicchio and feel better about the world until next week.