The Food Pages 2/11/16

I'm beginning to really feel how long it has been since I've cooked anything (other than rosemary) out of the garden. The month or so before asparagus season is going to feel so long. Luckily there's always weird things going on in the news to detract from that:


  • Something to bookmark if you plan to go out to Charlottesville anytime soon.


  • Free snacks may be back, but airplane food is only good for those who can afford it.


  • Mike Isabella is taking over at Tyson’s Corner. Watching the articles about this scroll by, I also learned that he blocks several of the food writers around DC.






  • This has been everywhere so I felt obligated to include it; I can’t imagine actually wanting to eat anything with artificial colors like that. But funfetti is pretty popular so I guess there's a market.







The Food Pages September 17th

Between the perfect weather and my allergies I haven't done many cooking experiments in the past week, but there is a fun shredded-meat-pie-as-lasagna thing that I will be adding to the menu soon.

What I DID do was get a new phone, so I spent this past weekend playing with the camera options -see cartoonized black eye peas below- and finally joined Instagram, you can follow me here

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The Food Pages September 10th

I saw earlier today that Capital Ale House announced a temporary re-opening date of the 22nd of  this month, pretty exciting. Other than that I've spent the last week  trying not to melt and working on some posts for my food advice blog. The next one up features these corn cobs which were especially photogenic yesterday.

Building houses out of my stripped corn cobs.

Building houses out of my stripped corn cobs.




  • Mostly, I love the way this webpage is set up, it’s gorgeous. But Eater wants you to know that Beijing has a wide variety of restaurants and here are the most buzz-worthy at the moment.



  • I always love hearing Andy Ricker talk about eating in Thailand. From this article, so do travel writers.





  • Speaking of terms,  geeky jargon is the only way to go. Also, kudos to  the Boston Globe for giving a new column to this  clearly awesome person!



  • Anyone who doesn’t  giggle at the tagline “Bring home the bacon” on a bacon curing kit is dead inside.



  • Using buzzfeed as an example of everyone being obsessed with something may be cheating a bit, but  I think the fact that half the time #GBBO is trending on twitter backs up the statement that The Great British Bakeoff (or  Baking Show...I’m still unsure why PBS made the name boring for US audiences) has reached peak cultural saturation. My personal favorite bit about GBBO is the voice-over during the technical bake explaining to  the viewer what all the bakers are doing wrong. Followed of course by a series of shots of the most confused bakers most worried facial expressions.



  • Proudly Inauthentic” that’s SO Dale. Several  of the recipes this article teases look a little like things I make for my brother for school lunch.


The Food Pages June 18th

I'm posting this week listening to a jazz ensemble warm up in the Kogod Courtyard in the American Art Museum; one of my favorite places in DC. I got to try Beefsteak today -I had the kimchi-wa but wish I had designed my own- which I've mentioned in the links a couple times before. It was good, probably not worth the blister I got walking here to the museum from George Washington University...but that's probably more my fault for wanting to wear my super-old gold sandals. 

And in honor of the rawness of my skin today's picture is some steak I made recently.

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The Food Pages May 21st

Apologies for the lateness of these links. It wouldn't post yesterday afternoon for some reason and then I got distracted by making Tortellini and Consomme with fresh fava beans for dinner.


If I had been commissioned to design a pavilion for Milano2015, it would definitely be inspired by the way foods look when they are laying on top of each other like this cilantro and pickled radish. Just imagine how pretty your country's food would look in the Italian sun this supper under a curvaceous semi-translucent canopy surrounded by greenery. Plus World's Fair, woot!


And for those of you  who are not Architecture nerds- here's a video about what makes bacon smell like bacon, still nerdy, but there's only so much I can do to suppress that.

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