The Food Pages January 21st

My favorite way to humidify the house is making stock. Pictured is a beef stock made with lots of toasted garlic a la Bon Appetit. 

But judging by the full parking lot at Wegmans yesterday and the numerous pictures of empty shelves at stores that are floating around social media, if you live in the Fredericksburg area you are currently barricaded onto your bed or couch by bottled water, bread and paper products. You would have to do some maneuvering to get to the stove, so maybe you should just read these food stories instead.

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The Food Pages January 7th 2016!

I used my first batch of sprouted things AKA my "new years resolution" last night. Baked chicken "alfredo" with sprouted lentils and chickpeas over rice and baby kale. Nomnom. You can read my real talk about resolutions for Fredericksburg Parent here:

  • OMG 60 minutes made a report on something that’s actually relevant to my life and interesting. Does that mean I’m old?









  • A buzzfeed list of things, not all of which I agree make me feel euphoric as someone who loves to cook. But whatever, it IS just buzzfeed, and maybe you'll agree more than me.







Marash Biberi

I recently had a flavor epiphany. Bread and butter pickle with marash pepper flakes[i] and cream cheese is a magical combination and a boon to sandwich lovers everywhere.


As with many Turkish and middle eastern foods the name is the place the peppers are grown. Pepper flakes from the southern coast of Turkey[ii] are prized for their sweet smokiness, medium but lingering heat and a moistness that allows them to meld with other ingredients quicker and more seamlessly than other peppers. Unlike your ubiquitous bottle of “red pepper flakes” the drying process used in these towns seems to imbibe more flavor and leaves more moisture because they sun dry them during the day and then wrap them up in fabric at night[iii], leading to a fabulous product with concentrated flavors.

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