The Food Pages January 21st

My favorite way to humidify the house is making stock. Pictured is a beef stock made with lots of toasted garlic a la Bon Appetit. 

But judging by the full parking lot at Wegmans yesterday and the numerous pictures of empty shelves at stores that are floating around social media, if you live in the Fredericksburg area you are currently barricaded onto your bed or couch by bottled water, bread and paper products. You would have to do some maneuvering to get to the stove, so maybe you should just read these food stories instead.

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The Food Pages June 18th

I'm posting this week listening to a jazz ensemble warm up in the Kogod Courtyard in the American Art Museum; one of my favorite places in DC. I got to try Beefsteak today -I had the kimchi-wa but wish I had designed my own- which I've mentioned in the links a couple times before. It was good, probably not worth the blister I got walking here to the museum from George Washington University...but that's probably more my fault for wanting to wear my super-old gold sandals. 

And in honor of the rawness of my skin today's picture is some steak I made recently.

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