The Food Pages January 14th 2016

It's citrus season; you deserve some key lime pie!  

A short list this week. But there are some really great reads in there. 


Antibiotics in farming and bottled water make the Guardian’s list of “five ethical stories that will define the next decade”



Eating insects may not be in the list above, but here’s a great Q&A with someone who’s putting crickets in bitters. These guys prove that design is absolutely essential to sustainability. It’s like a protein shake, but with a cocktail shaker instead of a blender!!! Disclaimer, I actually have no idea how much protein would remain after tincturing.



The Science of Herbs with the food science master himself; McGee FTW every time.



An overview of the most hipster food scandal ever (or so far, I guess, depending on your perspective).



This is (probably) the last time I will point out how “detoxing” and “fasting” are dumb new year's resolutions.



A new fast casual restaurant in DC is making lunch bowls focused on hummus.



Fredericksburg gets one step closer to a second craft brewery downtown with this public hearing.



Some genius subs for fresh tomatoes in wintertime. Cucumber salad with asian pear or mango, sign me up!


The Food Pages September 17th

Between the perfect weather and my allergies I haven't done many cooking experiments in the past week, but there is a fun shredded-meat-pie-as-lasagna thing that I will be adding to the menu soon.

What I DID do was get a new phone, so I spent this past weekend playing with the camera options -see cartoonized black eye peas below- and finally joined Instagram, you can follow me here

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The Food Pages August 6th

I've just finished watching X-Men Days of Future Past for the first time and realized something awesome about its most recent Marvel Studios cousin Ant-Man: They are eating or at least congregating around dinner tables ALL. THE. TIME. in Ant-Man. No over emphasis, but it does drive home the "normal person" thing. 

I mean, I may not be an average sample but I'm writing this blog post from my kitchen counter while baking bread for dinner tonight. Now I'll be on the lookout for movies that use food and eating to wordlessly tell the audience things.


Anyway, on to the links! 

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The Food Pages July 30th

This week, I finally finished testing for my second "Beat The Heat" blog post for Fredericksburg Parent. Look for a post in the next couple days!

After I'm done writing that up, I can almost guarantee I'll spend the rest of the weekend watching season 3 of Mind of A Chef, which will be added to Netflix tomorrow, especially if the weather doesn't change from the past two days.

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The Food Pages June 4th

When I was trying to decide what to make for dinner at the store this afternoon I was torn between the bright, fresh flavors I associate with June and comfort food because after three days it feels like weeks since I've seen the sun. So I split the difference. Seared scallops and risotto with a cilantro-cucumber-ginger salsa. Now I just need to figure out a way to turn on enough lights to make it seem sunny.

Whether you are eating summery foods or comfort foods or haven't given dinner a single thought yet at all, I think you will find this week's links satisfying. 

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The Food Pages May 7th

The only intro I have for this week is to describe the salad I had last night in Charlottesville at The Whiskey Jar because it was brilliant: spring greens, pickled red onions, prosciutto-style VA ham, a chicken dripping vinaigrette (!),  crispy bits of chicken skin (!!), and a soft-boiled then grits encrusted deep fried egg (!!!). Suffice to say I''m still thinking about it.

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