The Food Pages October 1st

I'm writing this a day early because I have a client cookday Thursday, so apologies if anything truly exciting happened in food news today and it's not in the links. Beyond perfecting the crispy cheese crust pictured below, this week I've been writing about using food scraps in the kitchen and, at the other end of the food spectrum, pumpkin spice.

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The Food Pages July 30th

This week, I finally finished testing for my second "Beat The Heat" blog post for Fredericksburg Parent. Look for a post in the next couple days!

After I'm done writing that up, I can almost guarantee I'll spend the rest of the weekend watching season 3 of Mind of A Chef, which will be added to Netflix tomorrow, especially if the weather doesn't change from the past two days.

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The Food Pages July 23rd

The links are a little late this week; I was driving most of yesterday. But there's lots of great stuff in here. 

In the summer I love making vibrant sauces to go with simply prepared meat/grains, pureed greens/herbs or the drained juice of produce (dice large tomatoes from the market and let them strain over a bowl for an hour or two) make for a fresh, beautiful sauce:

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