The Food Pages January 21st

My favorite way to humidify the house is making stock. Pictured is a beef stock made with lots of toasted garlic a la Bon Appetit. 

But judging by the full parking lot at Wegmans yesterday and the numerous pictures of empty shelves at stores that are floating around social media, if you live in the Fredericksburg area you are currently barricaded onto your bed or couch by bottled water, bread and paper products. You would have to do some maneuvering to get to the stove, so maybe you should just read these food stories instead.

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The Food Pages December 17th

If you're reading this anywhere as dreary as Fredericksburg this afternoon, hold on one more day. I'm working on an Ask My Friend Maillard post over on FredParent Magazine's website about getting yourself psyched for food and healthy cooking even when "the winter solstice makes you want to crawl into bed and eat mac n' cheese straight from the pot".

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The Food Pages October 1st

I'm writing this a day early because I have a client cookday Thursday, so apologies if anything truly exciting happened in food news today and it's not in the links. Beyond perfecting the crispy cheese crust pictured below, this week I've been writing about using food scraps in the kitchen and, at the other end of the food spectrum, pumpkin spice.

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The Food Pages September 17th

Between the perfect weather and my allergies I haven't done many cooking experiments in the past week, but there is a fun shredded-meat-pie-as-lasagna thing that I will be adding to the menu soon.

What I DID do was get a new phone, so I spent this past weekend playing with the camera options -see cartoonized black eye peas below- and finally joined Instagram, you can follow me here

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