The Food Pages September 10th

I saw earlier today that Capital Ale House announced a temporary re-opening date of the 22nd of  this month, pretty exciting. Other than that I've spent the last week  trying not to melt and working on some posts for my food advice blog. The next one up features these corn cobs which were especially photogenic yesterday.

Building houses out of my stripped corn cobs.

Building houses out of my stripped corn cobs.




  • Mostly, I love the way this webpage is set up, it’s gorgeous. But Eater wants you to know that Beijing has a wide variety of restaurants and here are the most buzz-worthy at the moment.



  • I always love hearing Andy Ricker talk about eating in Thailand. From this article, so do travel writers.





  • Speaking of terms,  geeky jargon is the only way to go. Also, kudos to  the Boston Globe for giving a new column to this  clearly awesome person!



  • Anyone who doesn’t  giggle at the tagline “Bring home the bacon” on a bacon curing kit is dead inside.



  • Using buzzfeed as an example of everyone being obsessed with something may be cheating a bit, but  I think the fact that half the time #GBBO is trending on twitter backs up the statement that The Great British Bakeoff (or  Baking Show...I’m still unsure why PBS made the name boring for US audiences) has reached peak cultural saturation. My personal favorite bit about GBBO is the voice-over during the technical bake explaining to  the viewer what all the bakers are doing wrong. Followed of course by a series of shots of the most confused bakers most worried facial expressions.



  • Proudly Inauthentic” that’s SO Dale. Several  of the recipes this article teases look a little like things I make for my brother for school lunch.