The Food Pages January 7th 2016!

I used my first batch of sprouted things AKA my "new years resolution" last night. Baked chicken "alfredo" with sprouted lentils and chickpeas over rice and baby kale. Nomnom. You can read my real talk about resolutions for Fredericksburg Parent here:

  • OMG 60 minutes made a report on something that’s actually relevant to my life and interesting. Does that mean I’m old?









  • A buzzfeed list of things, not all of which I agree make me feel euphoric as someone who loves to cook. But whatever, it IS just buzzfeed, and maybe you'll agree more than me.







The Food Pages December 17th

If you're reading this anywhere as dreary as Fredericksburg this afternoon, hold on one more day. I'm working on an Ask My Friend Maillard post over on FredParent Magazine's website about getting yourself psyched for food and healthy cooking even when "the winter solstice makes you want to crawl into bed and eat mac n' cheese straight from the pot".

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The Food Pages June 18th

I'm posting this week listening to a jazz ensemble warm up in the Kogod Courtyard in the American Art Museum; one of my favorite places in DC. I got to try Beefsteak today -I had the kimchi-wa but wish I had designed my own- which I've mentioned in the links a couple times before. It was good, probably not worth the blister I got walking here to the museum from George Washington University...but that's probably more my fault for wanting to wear my super-old gold sandals. 

And in honor of the rawness of my skin today's picture is some steak I made recently.

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The Food Pages May 7th

The only intro I have for this week is to describe the salad I had last night in Charlottesville at The Whiskey Jar because it was brilliant: spring greens, pickled red onions, prosciutto-style VA ham, a chicken dripping vinaigrette (!),  crispy bits of chicken skin (!!), and a soft-boiled then grits encrusted deep fried egg (!!!). Suffice to say I''m still thinking about it.

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Everybody Monkey Bread

Is it just me or has there been excessive numbers of “pull apart” breads in the food blog area of the internet lately? I’ve always called such things Monkey Bread, which is a much more apt name; food so fun shouldn’t be named so literally[i]… Well, at the risk of trend chasing I’ll be adding to that number right now- I noticed so many yesterday evening during the first rise of some experimental bread dough that I was practically brainwashed to add a second experiment: use half of that dough to create Caprese Monkey Bread!

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