Catering: Custom menus for small dinner parties.

Below are different menu and service options that allow the chef to tailor the food experience to the client's desired party atmosphere.


Menu Options

Most options include 4 courses (exceptions for Buffet Menu and Tapas Style service).

Buffet Menu

If you are looking to feed more than 15 people, platters of finger food is the best option to accommodate both easy socialization and various dietary restrictions. A Buffett Menu is also great for children's birthday parties.

Cuisine dinner

All of the dishes served are planned from the same cultural/geographical flavor palate, or an agreed upon fusion i.e. “North African” “Southern” or “French-Asian fusion”

Seasonal dinner

Each dish will be designed to highlight seasonal produce, seafood, and/or meats. . 

Local dinner

The dishes will highlight the freshest seasonal options within 150 miles of Fredericksburg, VA.

Dinner by Request

All of the dishes served are requested by the client. This option must be requested at least six weeks in advance.


Service Options

Family Style

Recommended for family celebrations  or as a budget option. The table is decorated and set with all of the food just before meal time and the clients serve themselves.. The chef cleans the kitchen and leaves during dinner.  

Tapas Style

Recommended for larger parties or eclectic eaters. The table is decorated and food is served to the table by Joanna on platters in three waves of 3-4 small dishes timed approximately 30 minutes apart. The chef cleans after serving the last wave and will leave within the hour.  For more relaxed parties, or small spaces, this can also be set up  as a buffet instead of sit-down meal.

Tasting Menu Style

Recommended for a restaurant experience to impress your guests. The table is decorated and each course is served individually by the chef approximately 20 minutes apart. The chef cleans after serving the last course and will leave within an hour.


The chef can create Wine/Beer/Cocktail pairings for any Service Option. However, due to Virginia liquor laws, all alcohol must be purchased separately by the client.


Sample cost quotes and menus are available, please fill out the info request form on the contact page and be sure to ask for sample catering menus in the message field.