What is a personal chef service you ask?

The answer is delicious. 

A personal chef crafts dining solutions for you/your family's busy life. I shop, cook and stock your fridge/freezer with a number of meals. The cooking is all done in your own kitchen; you get the comfort of a homemade meal combined with the convenience of a restaurant. 


What kind of food do you cook?

Any kind of food you need or want. I love experimenting with sauces and baking bread.  Below are the most recent shots from my Instagram feed so you can check out what I'm currently cooking for my family and clients who agree to have photos taken in their home.

 However, my business is to help you eat the way you want to eat. I have experience cooking for food allergies, picky eaters, vegetarian/vegan, gluten-free & other dietary preferences.

Hover to see descriptions. Apologies for any random shots of my dog or interesting architecture (my other loves). 


Why choose a personal chef service?

These services allow you to customize your household's meals. The meal plans start as low as $10 per serving and are customized to your dietary needs/preferences. Whether you want an ideal vegan lasagna, a weeknight roast chicken dinner, a month of packed lunches, or as much pasta sauce as humanly possible My Friend Maillard can solve your dinning needs!