Meal Services: I plan, cook and store meals in your kitchen. Below are several scenarios of food designed for different kinds of clients.

Designed for your budget, dietary preference & lifestyle.

Example Meal Plan Solutions

  •  For a large household with 2 commuting parents I would make comfort and/or "kid friendly" family style meals that can be on the table 20-30 minutes after arriving at home. For example:

    • Meatloaf with roasted vegetables and dinner rolls
    • Lasagna 
    • Roast chicken with potatoes and salad dressing for fresh greens
    • Spaghetti and meatballs (from one of the parents' grandmother's recipe)  
  • For a household with a toddler and a stay at home parent, but the parent who works is the only one who likes to cook I would make components that the working parent could mix and match to create meals on the fly without needing to go to the grocery store or plan in advance. For example:

    • Sauces: marinara, seasonal pesto, barbeque, salsa verde
    • Proteins: poached chicken thighs, unseasoned pulled pork, slow roasted chicken drumsticks
    • Sides: braised greens, grain and herb salad, steamed cauliflower, dinner rolls, roasted grape tomatoes

Possible dinners made from the above components: Carnitas Verde (pulled pork & salsa verde and flour tortillas, side of cauliflower); Pesto Chicken Salad (poached chicken, roasted tomatoes tossed in seasonal pesto over grain and herb salad); Barbecue Dinner (slow roasted drumsticks broiled with barbecue sauce and sides of braised greens and dinner rolls).  

  • For a single young professional who wants to spend less money on lunches to save for a better apartment (but hates PB&J) I would create sandwiches, salads and noodle dishes similar to popular lunch spots nearby to their work. For example:

    • Steak Caesar Salad
    • Fried Chicken Sandwich, with condiments on the side
    • Mason Jar "instant" Noodles (rice noodles, julienne seasonal vegetables & seasonings; just add hot water)
    • Falafel Wrap  
  • For a household with 2 vegetarian student-athletes who need high protein breakfasts and snacks I would create bespoke frozen breakfasts and packaged snacks. For example: 

    • Zucchini Muffins
    • Grain & vegetable "sausage" patty sandwiches
    • Fruit and nut granola bars
    • Apricot and green tea protien bars